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Jumat, 30 Agustus 2013

Turnstile Security building Access JNT ZS0159

We Provide Turnstile system for many various need - Price 1 set Turnstile 5,500 USD- Diskon ? - segera hub marketing kami

Product Descriptons:
Swing Gate Turnstile designed by JNT pursues the combination of artistic and modern elements, and it is very ideal for elegant location.
Swing Gate Turnstile developed by JNT has the widest passage which available for pedestrians, users with luggage or package and bicycles.

The machine organically integrates machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and a variety of identification technologies, conveniently compatible with access control systems, barcode cards and biology identification equipment.

The machine provides a high level of security and high capacity by adopting reliable security protection devices, alarm devices, direction indicators etc.
Function Specifications:

Both directions can be set as controlled mode or free mode. NO mode & NC mode can be switched over by users easily & freely. Self-recovery function: the machine will recovery automaticlly with invalid counting if passage is not completed within pre-set time (5 seconds default, adjustable by software). Self-examine Function: it is convenient for users to maintain and use. Tailgating-detection function.
Intruding-alarm function. Anti-pinch function: protection against finger entrapment and personal injury.   ◆ Emergency-escape function: the obstacles will open automatically by pressing the emergency button which can be remote-controlled whether the power is on or not. With interface of relay switch (the dry contact signal or +12V electrical level signal or DC12V pulse signal of pulse width ≥ 100ms, driving current ≥ 10mA), compatible with all kinds of access controllers. Each machine can be set by Physical Address (Optional).
Equipped with free control software for man-machine interface & control command SDK.

Framework Specifications:
Framework: 304 (Standard) / 316 grade stainless steel Thickness of Ply: 1.5mm (Standard) / 2.0mm Finishing: Brushed surface (Standard) / Polishing surface Material of Obstacle: Stainless steel (Default) / Organic glass (Optional) / Tempered glass (Optional) Passage Width: 550mm (Default) / 1500mm (Max)

Electric Specifications:
Power Voltage: AC220V / AC85 ~ 230V Operation Voltage: DC24V Operation Current: 3A / 5A (Max) Driving Motor: Brushless DC motor Communication Interface: RS485 (1CH) / RS232 (3CH);  Available to CAN BUS and Ethernet (Optional) Control I/O: Relay Out (6CH) / Level Input (4CH) Transit Speed: 30 ~ 45 passage / minute Temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃ Work Environment: Indoor Traffic-light Indication

Customized Features:
Alternative Materials, Finishes and Custom Design Access Control System Integration Ticket System Integration Camera System Integration Thermostat System Integration Remote-Controlled Button Usage Counters Waterproof and Dustproof Design: IP65

Office building Government School Hotel Super market Bank Park

 Status unit : indent  50 - 90 Day - Packaging wooden

Palang Parkir E money

Team Pemasaran:

- Yopie Prima

WA/Telp: +626281236633639

- Ady

WA/Telp: +62 6281112333317

- Theo

WA/Telp: +62 6282219939448

- Yoel Liem

Telp: 085317000209

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